You have probably heard the term “self-love” and wondered what it meant. Does it mean only loving yourself? And how can you make self-love as a lifestyle?

Self-love is not about only loving yourself and it is also not a selfish act if you love yourself first.

It’s also not about how well you treat yourself, for example, going for massages, or saying yes to ice cream, etc. It’s much deeper than that. In fact, it is encouraged to love yourself first, without feeling guilty or attaching negative emotions to the term “self-love”.

Our blog for this month will not focus on what is and what is not self-love. We want to show you how you can make self-love as a sustainable lifestyle.

How To Make Self-Love A Lifestyle

Ms Suchi, our Happy Facilitator, had experienced tough times in her life. She came to the realisation that when she loved herself first, she can give love to others abundantly. We wanted to know how she did it, and she has generously shared her secret here with us.

  • I start my day with a big smile and saying positive affirmations aloud. Research has shown that verbalizing positive affirmations changes our brain chemistry.
  • I do not take sugary drinks and junk food. I fill my body with raw plant-based foods and fruit-based drinks that nourishes the body.
  • I do not compare myself with others, I compare myself with me.
  • I celebrate achievements, be it small or big.
  • I do not allow my pictures to be photoshopped in magazines. It makes me feel that my body is not perfect.
  • I embrace what makes me different from others.
  • I fulfil my passion by helping others and saving lives.
  • I calm my mind on a regular basis. I understand self-love is ever evolving and I will practice it every day.
  • I am mindful of what I think, feel and want.
  • I forgive myself and practice gratitude.
  • I turn inwards and do not seek approval from others.
  • I express myself creatively and find my ‘high’ in conducting Laughter Therapy.
  • I am living my life fully and enjoying every moment of it.

We want to thank Ms Suchi for sharing with us all these amazing tips and practices.

Do you think you can make self-love a lifestyle after reading her secrets? Share with us how you practice self-love.


PS: We have put together a guide to help you with your self-love journey. Download it today!


With Gratitude,
Soul Happy People