As adults, we have stopped play. We view playing as childish games that are good for children only. But we have forgotten that only through play, we can learn and grow into our own likeness.

Yes, play can be childish. It is only through the innocence of this activity that we truly learn how to take care of ourselves and in return, be able to look after those around us.

Our programs and events are designed through the element of play so that our participants will not only enjoy themselves but get to learn new things. Most importantly, they are able to take care of themselves through different kinds of activities that we have.

For our latest blog, we are excited to have our PLAY facilitator, Adelyn – Play Therapist, to share with us what ‘Self-care With Play’ is:

As play therapists, we provide a safe space for participants to play, so that they can express their emotions, explore and cope with their daily challenges. 

Our daily lives consist of responsibilities and stress which may add extra weight on us. Therefore, it is very important that we learn how to take care of ourselves so that we can be better emotional support for our loved ones. 

Besides emotional and mental health, our physical health is just as important. We are not taught how to manage our internal turmoil. We either keep it hidden or lash it out at others. By learning how to play, we will be able to stop the negative emotions & feelings from affecting our physical health.

Let’s look at play from a different perspective. It should allow you to engage in activities for your own enjoyment and recreation. It should not be serious nor for a practical purpose. Play allows you to lose yourself in the moment and be totally immersed in the activities.

Here are 4 ways you can do for self-care with PLAY:

Pen It!

  • Spend 5 mins to doodle
  • Play along with lines, 
  • Take a break and let your pen move freely

These activities help us to clear our minds and boost our creativity. We may also gain more insights or ideas when we are back from doodling.

Look Forward To Every Little Thing 

  • Your favourite drink, take 5 mins to enjoy the moment and savour every sip of it. 
  • Tap onto our five senses: what do you see, smell, hear, taste or touch.

Act On Your Self-Care To-Do List

  • Plan simple self-care tasks eg. walk for 5 mins on your to-do list
  • Feel the sense of accomplishment as you check it off the list. 

There are times you may not want to do anything, and feel guilty. A checklist is a good way for us to acknowledge our need to rest without feeling guilty.

Yakkity Yak

  • Talk to someone, eg family members, friends, co-workers, etc
  • Don’t bottle it inside. Let it all out.
  • You will feel better

Verbal communication is a channel for you to express yourself. As you talk, you will be more aware of your own thoughts and emotions. You can also gain insights from others as they share their experiences.


We like to thank Adelyn Lee for her wonderful contribution to our blog for the month of June, and we can’t wait for you to start working on your self-care journey.

Do let us know in the comments below which activity do you enjoy most.


With Gratitude,
Soul Happy People