EQ Workshops

Emo Your Way To Success & Happiness

In this 3-hour mini workshop, participants will get to play and experience the “Emotions Run Wild” card game; have fun, relax, and increase their own self-awareness, whilst finding out what creates joy, happiness and success!

Learning objective:

  • Learn the difference between feeling and emotions
  • Understand how emotions affect our daily life
  • Learn how we can manage our own emotions and have the power to create a joyful experience at all times
  • Learn about Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • How to leverage on EQ to create success and happiness
  • Literally creating fun and laughter!


Other available mini workshops:

  • Basic EQ awareness Workshop
  • The Joy of Living 
  • Turn Stress into Happiness 
  • Personal Confidence & Assertiveness 
  • Emotional Leadership and Influencing 
  • Communication and Expression 
  • Empathy and Inter-relationship Workshop

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