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Did you know happiness is a skill that can be learned?

The great news is that you can become certified to teach others to find more happiness in their lives. We are on a mission to share the science and art of happiness in playful ways as far and wide as possible! The Dalai Lama said “the best way to be happy is to help others to find happiness” and Thich Nhat Hanh stated that “Happy teachers will change the world”. With depression now at epidemic levels worldwide, we need a happiness revolution! A revolution in which the science and art of happiness are discussed, explored and put into practice. A growing number of psychologists and scientists now consider happiness to be a skill that can be learnt – something that philosophers and spiritual teachers have said for many years. Over 20 years of research has shown that happiness is a skill that you can learn and develop with practice.

Our programme covers the latest research from leading minds in the worlds of neuroscience and positive psychology. We’ll also show you practical exercises that can instantly boost happiness and techniques that can literally rewire your brain so you’re happier, healthier and kinder to yourself and others.
The programmes have been created by Shamash Alidina, author of 5 bestselling books including Mindfulness for Dummies, and Victoria Johnson, co-founder of the Museum of Happiness and formally senior trainer at NCS The Challenge.

2-Day Happiness Facilitator Training Programme

Through this course you’ll become a Certified Museum of Happiness Facilitator and you’ll be ready to teach in your local community, school, fitness centre or wherever else you choose. Over the 2 days, you’ll explore:

  • The science behind happiness, gratitude and kindness
  • The skills to live a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Techniques and practices for mindfulness, kindfulness, self-kindness and self-compassion
  • Interactive teaching methods and the opportunity to develop your own unique happiness learning exercises
  • Basic laughter yoga skills
  • The common challenges you’ll face teaching happiness and how to overcome them
  • Advice on teaching and sharing this with others
  • Feedback and coaching on your training style


Upcoming Facilitator Training Dates:

4-5 Apr 2020 >>> Find Tickets


“I’ve learned more about the science of happiness, gratitude and kindness and now have opportunities to share it further”

Shaileen Shah, Founder of Happy Life Habits, London.




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