Soul Happy Event Planner

Whether it’s a small & cozy 39th birthday party or a bigger scale event, we can organize and execute it for you.

What we do?

Our theme encompasses happiness, self love, and self care, and it’s with these key ingredients that we plan, organise and execute your special event.

Suitable for?

– People who want a party with a twist. We don’t offer the usual party activities.
– Our unique recipe revolves around Play, Arts, and Laughter.
– We aim to deliver a 5star experience that’s fun, playful, creative and full of laughter!

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For corporate

If you’re looking for a fun day for your employees to bond, a retreat locally or oversea, boot camps, training workshops, programs, or a CSR, we can help you plan, organise, and execute. All u need to do is sit back, relax, and have fun!


 Email and tell us your ideas, we will then arrange to meet up at your office to discuss further in details.

How are we different? 

As every party and event is different, we don’t have a fixed set-up of programs, what we love to do is to
customise the event based on your objective in order to create an awesome tailor-made event just for you.
We aim to be as unique as possible with our events, so don’t worry about your party or event looking similar to others.
We love to create parties and events with a purpose and meaning. Leaving guests feeling inspired, refreshed, happy,
and with the intention that they continue the conversations long after the event!


What we need from you:

Trust and freedom to create 

Why we do what we do?

The more joy we give the more joy we receive.
Together we make a happier kinder playful world – let’s spread joy together!

For Hire

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We want to connect with like-minded people and spread happiness throughout Asia with our unique events & experience.


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