Our Story

Born out of love, inspiration, hope and an innate desire to create change.


 What is authentic happiness? When was the last time you played or laughed?


What makes you smile?


We have seen a rising rate of depression and unhappiness within families and the workplace, as well as in romantic relationships, and sometimes it leads to not remembering who you are. 


“Because happiness matters” is our tagline – we want to bring forward the message that Happiness is a journey and YOU can create this journey. We want you to think about what happiness means to you; to rediscover what matters most in your life, what makes you feel good and how you can find joy amidst all the challenges in life.


This is what Soul Happy People is about, to be ‘soul happy’, is to work on your inner happiness, to find meaning, and to live a life with purpose.  


Our Vision

A thousand hearts that radiates more joy & compassion.

Our Mission

To inspire adults to rediscover happiness through Play, Arts, and Laughter.

Our Values

To hold space for women, to reconnect with themselves and others. It is through support that one becomes confident, understood, and celebrated.

Be open to new things and experiences is the way to personal growth. Wisdom comes from experiences.

Play is an important part of what we do. We learn through play and we love to make things fun!

We are lifelong learners, constantly working on becoming better versions of ourselves. Stay humble and keep on learning. The world is our school!

Be creative in thinking. Transform old ideas, and create meaningful new experiences, methods & interpretations. Dare to be different.

Variety is the spice of our emotional life. It arouses curiosity and stimulates the senses, and it is our intention to bring variety to you.




We want to connect with like-minded people and spread happiness throughout Asia with our unique events & experience.


Email us at hello@soulhappypeople.com

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