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Chief Happiness Officer

She has spent the last 20 years being the change; change was constant for her.

Now her passion is to inspire women to rediscover happiness, to believe in themselves, to chase dreams, and to be the “Chight” – the change and light – they wish to see in THEIR own lives.

Adelynn is also an unconventional mom to a 10-year-old daughter.  She enjoys bringing people together, because of a simple belief: a collective effort makes a greater impact.

Happiness is contagious – let’s pass the flame and spread the joy! 

Happiness Makers

Play Facilitator

Adelyn is an Accredited Play Therapist with Play Therapy International (PTI).

She believes in the power of play not just in the lives of children but also in adults too. Her personal experience in her field of play therapy constantly reminds her of the benefits of play on every individual. Hence, she is passionate about helping children and adults to find themselves through play.  

Mindfulness Facilitator

Betty believes the mindful practice and teachings of yoga can go a long way towards mobilizing people’s natural instinct to connect and the ability to create.

The omnipresence of compassion, friendliness and kindness also demonstrates how people can selflessly contribute to a greater good by touching the life of another human being in a uniquely personal and positive way.

Chief Emotions Officer

 Jones believes that every single human being deserves the chance and has the right to live their lives joyfully.

With the power of Emotional Intelligence, everyone can start to be in pursuit and experience the Joy of Living.

We only live once, so let’s live with passion, make dreams happen and keep smiling.

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